About us

People... people all around us...in companies, at work, at schools, in the streets...an inexhaustible source of ideas, inspirations, moods, attitudes... we are convinced that miracles can be worked with this "material" if proper manners and attitudes are applied. That´s why we like it :)

There is no such thing as an ideal world or an ideal company, but in this company, we try to use common sense and feelings to help our clients set a healthy work environment and processes so that everybody feels better while working.

How can we contribute to the development of your company?

TDC is an educational and consulting firm engaged in improving the performance of companies through a proper adjustment of HR processes and of a whole company. We are convinced that HR processes that work well and are properly adjusted are a pathway to high-quality partnership and help a company to achieve its set goals.


To be a preferred HR Business partner in the development of organizations and their employees.


Reliability, effectiveness, purposefulness, creativity, stability, confidence, loyalty.


To raise the level, satisfaction, and stability of employees through a correct adjustment of HR processes in order to reach the goals of a company.