Problem named MONDAY

Problem named MONDAY

It´s 8 a.m. on a Monday morning and I´m travelling to work, listening to the radio. A speaker with a ringing voice tries to comfort the listeners, saying that even though it´s Monday morning and they have to go to work (which is really totally awful, unimaginable, horrible ... when someone bothers you with work), they only have to wait a few days for Friday to come, and that means fun, idleness - Life.

Do you know what day of the week people find the worst? ... MONDAY... But just why this attitude? After all, we should enjoy work, it should fulfil us and give us pleasure instead of haunting, boring, bothering, and getting us down. Hey, folks, wake up! You spend most of your life, most of your existence, at work. So why should you suffer there? I do not believe that there is nothing that can be done. You don´t like your job? So find another one. You don´t have necessary qualification? Finish your studies. Your boss is bugging you? Skip over him. Just please do not waste your time doing nothing and complaining about your life. Unfortunately, there are lots of people like this. 

That was the reason why I decided to set up “TDC - Training and development center” to help people and companies improve their work environment so that nobody has to go to work with a tight stomach and stressed-out on a Monday morning. My personal mission is to motivate people and convert their dissatisfaction to moving forward. Sounds idealistic? ... Maybe ... Nevertheless, one should certainly try!

TDC is a training and consulting firm that believes that individual development contributes most to corporate development. I am convinced that companies pursuing a policy of ”legislative” won´t go too far. Constant technological development makes us work on ourselves and expand our knowledge, deepen our experience, and broaden our horizons. If human resources (HR) are properly adjusted in a company, you can solve problems that are seemingly “unrelated” to HR. Believe me, each company employing people must manage and develop them one way or another.

If you, at this point, say to yourself that I am right, I will be happy to personally meet you to share and exchange experience and advice.

I wish you a beautiful and inspirational beginning of the week. May no Monday be a bad one ... :) 

Mirka Brathová

Trainer, couch, motivator of TDC

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