Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website

When I started with HR 17 years ago, I did not know very well what I was getting into. I fell in love with this creative work step by step, and was unable to leave it even when life gave me a choice.I decided to stay and even “foolishly” start business in HR:)People laughed at me. "Do business in HR? Have you gone mad? This is not about making money. HR and development is about "beneficence", about moving people and companies forward." That, however, did not put me off.

Today, I am happy to be able to present TDC company (Training and development center s.r.o.) whose creative logo itself indicates that people and company development and their step forward is our main product. Things can always be done better. Be it through consultations or separate training blocks, we can make your HR more functional and effective. We will make individual parts fit in each other and start to work.

People were right about the "beneficence" ... HR is not a tangible product that you can grab, materialize, and sell with a profit. It is about people, your people who spend most of their lives at work, and even the working life should be gratifying, inspirational, creative, motivating...

If they enjoy their work, your company will also flourish. And you will be even able to measure it with properly adjusted HR :)

I am looking forward to moving forward :)


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