We are able to assess the current state of processes of a company through consultation projects, and set the basic goals and solutions the effectiveness of which is subsequently evaluated.

Management efficiency

    Measurement analysis

  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Feedback
  • HR process analysis

    Projects for a change

  • Change is a continuous, never-ending process that moves people and companies on to something better.
  • Change, if it is to be successful, should be managed, however, by a project team that communicates, processes, implements, and evaluates the change.

    Setting of company culture and values

  • Company culture is a frequently used term nowadays. Hardly anybody, however, really knows what this term means. It is a set of “determined" rules and standards of conduct in a given company environment. Our practical experience says that company culture must not only be built, as a long-term goal, it must also be lived. Otherwise it does not work ... We can advise you how to adjust this process so that it works.

Improving the quality of human resource management

    Selection and recruitment of employees, adaptation processes

  • Recruitment and selection of new employees
  • Start of a new employee, adaptation process
  • Adjustment of HR process of selection and recruitment

    Legislation process

  • Work position standards
  • Recruitment and termination of employment in compliance with legislation

    Employee training and development process

  • Training and development of employees
  • Development centre
  • Talent management

    Employee evaluation and remuneration

  • Employee performance management
  • Employees benefits