Education and training is a never-ending process. Development is ensured by means of trainings and coaching - couching techniques - to improve the present way of conduct and development of new areas in both personal and professional life. We can measure the effectiveness of individual development activities thanks to a proper adjustment of the system.


Trainings tailored to your needs

    Realized in compliance with client´s requirements after a preliminary training process analysis

Soft skills trainings

    People management

    Time management

    Presentation skills

    Team work

    Criticism and commendation

    Employee remuneration

    Employee evaluation

    Company culture management

Technical trainings

    We will adjust a self-system of internal technical retraining of company employees.


Management coaching

    Coaching process

  • Coaching goals
  • Measuring
  • Couching
  • Change management
  • Measuring
  • Successfulness evaluation

    Coaching focused on management development.

Coaching of teams / working groups

    The coaching process is the same, coaching is focused on team development.

Individual coaching

    The coaching process is the same, focus is on the development of a personality, an individual.